Today the Legion is the largest service organization in Canada with over 1700 branches and over 500,000 members.

Originally membership into the Legion was restricted to those who served in the Canadian Military or the Merchant Navy. However, this no longer is true. Over the years new categories of membership have evolved to include the members of the family and then members of the community and now, even without a military connection, one can become a Legion member.

What to do to apply.
1. Visit here and decide which membership type is appropriate.
2. Visit the branch and request an application form.
3. Complete the form. Do include any special skills you may have.
4. Visit the branch and find a seconder (any member will help you).
5. Leave the application with the bartender or any member.
6. The branch will contact you for initiation.

What is Initiation?
Initiation consists of being instructed in the aims and objectives of the Legion and taking an oath of allegiance. New members then receive the Legion pin, a copy of the by-laws and are greeted by the rest of the members. The ceremony is conducted in a very friendly manner and there are certainly no ulterior “overtones” to the term initiation.

Membership Dues
Dues are set by the individual branches and are due when you hand in your application form. These are considered your dues for the year you join; if you join in the latter part of the year, you may be asked to only pay half of the dues for that first year.

Members pay annual membership fees. These are due by Dec 31st of the preceding year; e.g. 2014 dues are due by December 31st, 2013.

Early Bird draw - All members who pay their membership for the following year prior to 01 Dec, will have their name entered into the Early Bird Draw. The prize for the Early Bird winner will be a paid membership for the following year. i.e. If a member pays their 2014 membership prior to 01 Dec 2013, their name will be entered in the draw for a chance to have their membership for 2015 paid by the Branch.

Membership dues can be paid in person by giving your money to the bartender or you can mail it in. You will be given a receipt. If mailing in your dues, please clearly mark “membership” on the cheque. Cheques are to be made payable to “RCL - Br. 124”

Presently the Membership Dues are $38.00

Membership dues help keep The Royal Canadian Legion running at all levels. Dues are divided as follows:

Dominion Command - - - - - - - - - - - -$10.65

Legion Magazine - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $ 10.91

Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command - - - -$12.10

Branch 124 receives the remainder.